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QA Certification

AMITS now holds QA certification to ISO9001:2015 updated from ISO9001:2008


AMITS completes 15 Years

Today on 08 June 2014 AMITS celebrates its 15th anniversary.


AMITS is 10 Years On

Today on 08 June 2009 AMITS celebrates its 10th anniversary since the company was founded. The celebration is considerably enhanced by today's news that the company's major R&D project, as part of the HABETaS, consortium has matured to achieve its first order.

HABETaS Project Launch Customer

Today 08 June 2009 AMITS is proud to announce that The Royal Netherlands Navy has selected HABETaS as the new generation escape system for the Walrus class submarines.

The HABETaS project has been in development for over 6 years. Preliminary work by AMITS leading up to the formation of the consortium preceded this and for AMITS this represents the culmination of 9 years of R&D effort.

This represents significant export earnings for the UK at this time of economic hardship.


Renewable Energy Development

The company is now becoming involved in renewable energy research and development programmes. Our underwater engineering expertise is relevant to development of close inshore shallow water, tidal estuaries, rivers and even streams in high mountain areas.

Hydropower in its many forms is the way ahead. Hydropower is very predictable, unlike wind, and can provide power when it is needed.

Shortly we will be announcing the programmes and the new alliances coming into existence.



Subcon 2007

In September the company will be attending the Subcon2007 conference in Kiel. This prestigious submarine conference is attended by the majority of the world's navies. The HABETaS escape system will be presented in its completed form ready for production and installation into submarines. Along with our partners HDW and bfa Augsburg we will be making some significant announcements on the project progress.


Company Expansion Continues.

The expansion of the company continues and additional office and worksop areas are being leased from the Gosport Business Centre.

Along with the expansion in space we are now actively recruiting additional engineers.

See Job Opportunities

HABETaS Completes proving trials

The HABETaS Submarine Escape System development has now completed all of the development proving trials.

The final trials series was completed at the Test Laboratory in the Kockums Shipyard in Malmo Sweden.

The testing was witnessed by the Naval Engineering Test Establishment (NETE) from Canada.

The trials concluded with an open day for navy representatives to view the progress achieved to date. Attendance included representatives from Sweden, Holland, South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The system is now available for installation on submarines.



New Premises

AMITS is moving premises to the new Gosport Business Centre at Frater Gate. The move provides more office space and better access to the M27. It will now be more convenient for clients to visit our premises now we are some 5 miles closer to the M27 Junction 11. The move will be complete by the end of April

Our new address from 1st May 2005 will be

Unit 9 Gosport Business Park,

Aerodrome Road, Gosport, PO13 0FQ

Tel: 01329 848670

Fax: 01329 848672


HABETaS Development

HABETaS has just passed another milestone in the development process. 30m ascent trials, first with a mannequin dummy, then with trained submariners.


Company Expansion

We have just increased our office space and work stations by another 50%

This is part of the progressive company expansion to satisfy our expanding market.


Company Anniversary

This underwater engineering company is now five years old. To celebrate this key date we have introduced a new logo designed by the Augsburg based design house - buro-ay visuelle gestaltung gmbh

We are a UK company but work closely with others within Europe.

HABETaS Submarine Escape System

The HABETaS programme to develop new submarine escape systems was announced during the SUBCON2003 conference in Kiel. HABETaS is a joint venture between HDW, bfa Augsburg and AMITS. Following trials at the Alverstoke hyperbaric facilities of QinetiQ in the UK the HABETaS project has made the leap forward to realisation and is now ready for exploitation. HABETaS is a deep escape system and submariners will now have the chance to make a rapid escape from a crippled submarine in depths of 300 metres. (1000 ft).

The new HABETaS system presents a major advance in escape capability for the submariners of the world.

HABETaS will be offered by HDW for newbuildings and for retrofits. HABETaS can be readily retrofitted to many of the worlds existing submarine classes.

HABETaS page


We have formed an alliance with Oceanworks International Inc. (OWI) of Houston, Texas, US. This alliance will provide in depth support for our product range in the important US marketplace and throughout the Americas.

OWI will be manufacturing, supporting and selling our new designs in the US for distribution in the "new world" market place, namely the US, Canada and the rest of the Americas. The first design available will be the advanced AZ20 Suction Anchor Pump. Local manufacture and support from this top class engineering company will ensure that the products are fully supported in this important market place. OWI will be offering a full custom engineering backup service to ensure that the products are properly optimised and matched to each customer's application. The AZ20 is ideally suited to the latest large work class vehicles.

Customers in the Americas should contact OWI.

Oceanworks data sheet


We have just launched the new AZ20 Suction Anchor Pile pump. This pump has considerably higher performance than the AZ10.

For more Details Click here to go to Suction Anchor Pumps

BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000

The company has now completed the assessment and been presented with Certificate of Registration No. GB2000393 by CQS(Certified Quality Systems).

Click here to View Certificate

Joint Venture with bfa Augsburg

bfa Augsberg is a major manufacturer of Liferafts, survival suits and submarine escape suits.

bfa News announced that they will be working in conjunction with us to develop advanced gas supply systems to work in conjunction with new submarine escape suits currently under development.











HABETaS Launch Customer





















Gosport Business Centre








HABETaS System under test in SES at QinetiQ Alverstoke


Instrumented test Mannikin















AZ20 Suction Anchor Pump










bfa Augsburg Submarine Liferaft



Pod on surface prior to inflation

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