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Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd. - Underwater Engineering Innovation and Development.

The company specialises in underwater engineering and is based in Gosport on the South coast of the UK in the heart of a thriving cluster of marine related industries.

The company has now relocated to the new Gosport Business Centre. This modern setting is an ideal location for a company such as ours to benefit from the marine and underwater engineering expertise that has been built up over the years in this part of the country.

The company specialises primarily in developing new and innovative marine and underwater engineering systems for the marine, oceanographic and offshore oil and gas industries. This advanced technology is also available to support other marine industries

We offer a wide range of innovative underwater engineering services and products, all based upon a unique blend of experience gained from field operations, manufacture, design and concept development.

The experience is equally relevant to the concept and development of new equipment along with troubleshooting and enhancing existing equipment systems.

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Location of Advanced Marine Innovation UK

Location of Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd.

Underwater engineering based in the UK



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